Testing Offered:

  • Electrocardiogram (Electrical heart rhythm)

  • Echocardiogram (Ultrasound of heart)

  • Holter monitoring (24 hour heart rhythm monitor)

  • Event monitoring (30 day heart rhythm monitoring)

  • Cardiac telemetry (24/7 heart rhythm monitoring)

  • Exercise Stress testing (Arranged at Tertiary hospital)


Pediatric Cardiology of Maryland​ provides comprehensive cardiac care for the fetus, newborn, children and Adults with congenital heart disease and dysrhythmia.  Testing is performed at the time of your visit with Dr. Telep, and the results will be discussed immediately. All of your questions regarding the results of the test will be answered, as well as a comprehensive plan will be made for future care and follow up visits.  Finally, all results and medical care plans will be shared with your referring physician and specialists that you request.

Newborn, Pediatric & Adolescent Evaluations:

Chest PainSyncope / DizzinessPalpitations
Irregular Heart RateCongenital Heart DiseaseFamily History of Heart DiseaseSports Clearance
HypertensionHypercholesterolemiaMedication / ADHDAbnormal EKG


  Appt line: (443) 598-2480           Fax line: (443) 598-2488

Annapolis Office | 2024 West St., #304, Annapolis MD 21401 | O: (443) 598-2480  F: (443) 598-2488

Salisbury Office | 560 Riverside Dr., Suite B102, Salisbury MD 21801 | O: (443) 598-2480 F: (443) 598-2488

Fetal Evaluations:

Suspected Fetal Heart DiseasePre / Gestational DiabetesMaternal MedicationsAbnormal Chromosomes
Fetal ArrhythmiaEchogenic FociFamily History of Heart DiseaseMaternal Autoimmune Disease
Multiple GestationIVF ConceptionIncreased NT (>2.5mm)Extracardiac Anomalies

Pediatric Cardiology of Maryland
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